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Terms Of Use

Warm Welcome from Team 'RealtyPillar'!

Ever since the conceptualisation of this Web-Portal for Real Estate and Building Construction sector, by keeping in mind its distinct Vision, Mission and Values, the team of ‘RealtyPillar’, has tried to provide and constantly improvised to help and assist to all types of dealers in Realty Sector. We offer vital services, to make come true our basic motto of “Rightfully you deserve, Insightfully we serve”. We have clear intensions to serve the Real Estate Sector and its varied dealers, in view to simplify the complexity and diversities of dealing process in all verticals of Real Estate and Building Construction sector, with pacified implementation of all relevant statutory obligations.

Digital Online Agreement for Use of Portal “RealtyPillar”

This digital online ‘Agreement for Use’, shall be considered to be entered and executed at Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, India, on every day and every time of accessing / visiting the user on this website,
A website / web-portal having its registered domain name as www.realtypillar.com, which is conceptualised, designed, developed, owned and belong to M/s. Realty Pillar Pvt. Ltd., a registered company (incorporated under Companies Act 2013, (hereinafter referred as “the Portal”), herein party of the First part (for sake of brevity and convenience may be referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Web-Portal” etc.)

Any third party Visitor, Surfer, Searcher, Subscriber and/or User of this website / web-portal by way of accessing, visiting, landing, browsing, linking, being diverted and/or using the said website / web-portal from anywhere world-wide (hereinafter referred “the User”), for the purpose of self-use or with intention to gather subjective information, whatsoever in nature, herein party of the Second part (for sake of brevity and convenience may be referred to as “You”).

WHEREIN both parties hereby agree that since the use of this website-Portal happens to be only online and in digital form, alongwith regular updatation, therefore the mandatorily agreeable ‘Terms and Conditions to Use’ ought to be made applicable, but not limited to, through this digital form of agreement.

WHEREIN the User hereby affirm, confirm and declare that he/she shall always access, visit, land-on and use the Portal at his/her sole will and further readily confirm, agree and undertake that immediately upon accessing, landing, Sign-Up, Sing-in, Subscribing, Log-in and/or Clicking / Enter on any page of this website, all the updated terms and conditions of this digital agreement as described hereinbelow, shall become applicable, agreeable and binding upon him/her from time to time and for all time and shall always replace, prevail and supersede all the previously defined / narrated ‘Terms and Condition to Use’ that might have been copied and/or downloaded by the User for future reference.

Moreover, any further use by way of registering, subscribing or entering into any contract for use of any Utility, Module or any Services, that are being offered and provided by the Portal or by way of availing any information / services of the Portal, it is indication and significance that such user has read, understood, convinced and clearly interpreted that there is no any kind of adverse intentional and/or wilful contents that is/are leading to any kind of loss, damage and/or harm, of whatsoever in nature, to use the Portal and that there is no compulsion to use this Portal and thereafter he/she (the User) has accepted, agreed and willingly bound by each and every ‘Terms of Use’ that are mentioned hereinbelow:

General disclaimer:

At the outset, a modest note is conveyed by the Portal to the User, that before / while using, whatsoever in form, this online real estate web-portal www.realtypiller.com (hereinafter may be referred to as “RealtyPillar”), the user should carefully consider the contents and all Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer clauses and Private Policy and in case of any discrepancy found in this web-portal, the user should inform to the management of the said portal, thereby to improvise / edit the contents. Further, if any user do not feel it comfortable while accessing, visiting, landing, browsing, linking, being diverted and/or using the said portal and/or have any discrepancy / grievance regarding any information or any content of the web-portal, he/she should immediately stop using this web-portal after leaving a feedback message at support@realtypillar.com or contact@realtypillar.com to enable us to bring desired changes, at all our possible level.

The applicable meanings, specified definitions and precise interpretations of some of the words, terminology and phrases that have been written in this agreement and in the web-portal ‘RealtyPillar’, shall mean in consideration of following explanations:

The Portal:

The Portal means the website / web-portal “RealtyPillar” (www.realtypillar.com), its founders and the owner company, M/s. Realty Pillar Pvt. Ltd. (the Company), including but not limited to its employees, associates, affiliates, administrators, assigns and all concerned persons, who are in favour of and on the side of RealtyPillar and the Company, for the sake of brevity, hereinafter shall be referred to as “the Portal”.

The Terms & Conditions:

The ‘Terms and Condition’ means all pre-defined, displayed and regularly updated terms of use of this Portal, that are mentioned and displayed in this ‘Agreement for Use of Portal’, which are constantly and regularly updated, that may be on daily in consideration of norms, rules and regulations as set out by competent governing authorities, in continues process of reforms and all such updated and presently displayed terms shall be mandatorily binding, agreed and accepted to all users of the Portal. In view to prevent, defend, safeguard and protect the rights, interest, intellectual property rights or physical property belonging to the Portal, its employees, associates, affiliates, administrators, assigns, users, subscriber and/or advertisers, whatsoever in nature of third party, against any legal litigation, dispute and/or lawsuit etc., and such Terms and Conditions are further categorically specified under Disclaimer Clause and Privacy policy, pertaining to this Portal.

The User:

The User means a person, any human individual and/or group of persons on behalf of any Firm (Proprietary or Partnership), any Company (Private or Public), any Governing Authority, (Central Govt., State Govt., Semi-Govt., Local Body / Civic Authority etc.) and including but not limited to Trust, AoP, NGO, any Professional Consultant, Stakeholders etc., whoever is accessing and/or visiting to the Portal, being potential client / customer of the Portal - RealtyPillar, and surfing or working on any webpage for the purpose/s of gathering information, using utility, using ancillary services for the purpose to offer/avail any Professional Service, offer/avail property dealing (ownership or rental), offer/procure building material, offer/avail Civil Service etc., through the portal, shall be referred to as “the User”. . Once the User Registers / Sign-Up / Subscribes / Login, by providing the details, he/she may be referred to as ‘the Registered User’, of the Portal.

The Module:

The Module means a particular lending page on the Portal - RealtyPillar, which has been predominantly designed and developed for specific and defined usage and provides an exclusive services to a specific class / category / segment of the users by providing, generating and downloading the result and/or report in the form of ‘Utility’.

The Utility:

The Utilities herein shall mean the soft results, outputs, reports and/or software products offered and/or derived from the Portal, which have been prepared, created with specified document, deed, contents, calculations, working, reports, designs, information, applications, database, formulas, codes etc., thereby to produce uniquely drafted and/or having specialised result or reports, details forms, application forms etc., while dealing for various stages and/or different and varied types of dealings in the Real Estate Sector.

The Demo Mode:

The Demo Mode means free access and use of any Utility on any particular Module of the Portal, allowed to the registered User for limited time period and/or for specified number of usage, to avail the desired basic service/s, without making payment towards subscription charges. Such Demo mode expires after consumption of pre-defined time / numbers of Utility as provided in any Module of the Portal. The output report generated in Demo Mode may carry water-mark images of the Portal.
It has been specifically conveyed to the User that all specified contents, calculations, working, reports, designs, information, applications, database, formulas, codes etc., which have been downloaded, copied, derived, accessed, obtained, received and/or gathered from the Portal, shall always be under copy right and exclusive property of the Portal and the User shall have no right to copy, past and/or use the said prepared and/or downloaded any of the utility, report and/or output, whatsoever in nature, without permission of management of the Portal.

The Subscription Charges:

The Subscription charges are the fees payable by the User to the Portal, for using the services of the Portal with pre-defined numbers of usages and/or for a certain period of time and all such charges depend upon the type of Utility offered through different Modules of the Portal. The Subscription charges shall be payable in advance on annual basis if opt for package subscription and for individual without package, the subscription shall be payable for selected module with limited numbers of usage only, irrespective of the date/month of payment during a Financial Year. The User has been hereby conveyed with the note that by the Portal that there shall be no provision for refund, in any given circumstances, whatsoever in nature, for such subscription charges once paid (duly realised / encashed) by the User to the Portal and/or no claim / blame shall be entertained.

The Subscription Mode:

The Subscription Mode means, permitted paid access to the User for use of Subscribed Utility of particular Module/s of the Portal, in view to avail / provide the desired services through the Portal-‘RealtyPillar’. The validity for use of the Portal in ‘the Subscription mode’ shall generally yearly basic, after receipt of the Subscription Charges from the registered User. The portal reserves the rights to allow the use of Utilities in subscription mode on complementary basis, at the sole discretion of the Portal, without charging any payment from the user or to a class of users (Government officials).

The Subscriber:

The Subscriber means, any registered user being client / customer of the Portal, who has subscribed by making payment to avail use of selected Module / Utility of the Portal, for limited use and to generate the allowed numbers of reports, within prescribed period in Subscription Mode, shall be referred to as “the Subscriber”.
(Before subscribing for any Utility, we strongly recommend to the User that in view to avoid any confusion and/or misrepresentation and to get maximum benefits out of use of the Portal, the User should possess sufficient background knowledge of Real Estate Sector and professional practicing experience, esp. concerning to the Property dealings. Optionally, the User may approach to nearest practicing professional, being “Affiliated Member of RealtyPillar”, to avail the desired service for appropriate result in cost effective manner)

Registration of User:

The User hereby agree to provide all genuine details for successful registration, to enable the User to use free demo with limited numbers of usage, thereby to ensure the suitability and usability of the Module/Utility, prior to making payment towards subscription for the same. The User affirm herewith that while registering with the Portal, the user has read, accepted and agreed with Privacy Policy of the Portal.


It is explained by the Portal to the user that ASR stands for ‘Annual Statement (Schedule) of Rates’, commonly referred to as ‘Ready Reckoner Rates’ or ‘RR Rates’ or ‘Market Valuation’ rates for immovable property, situated in the State of Maharashtra, which are published and updated annually by ‘Department of Registration and Stamps’, being competent authority of Government of Maharashtra. This ASR plays a vital role in ascertaining the ‘Value of Property’ and such ascertained ‘Property Valuation’ happens to be the basic factor to determine the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges, pertaining to deal of immovable property.

Specified terms and conditions for use of Modules of all types of “Consultants Utilities”.

Terms and conditions for use of Modules of all types of “Property Valuation”.

A. “Property Valuation” – Built Property

1) This Valuation Report shall be basically useful under following event / situation of property dealing:

a. at the time of deal of ‘Transfer of Rights & Interests’ of immovable property, may it be for fresh Sale deal by the Builders or Re-Sale deal between two parties.

b. at the time of ‘Transfer of Rights & Interests’ of immovable property, by way of execution of Conveyance Deed, Gift Deed, Release Deed, Family Partition etc.

c. at the time of Long Lease the immovable property

d. at the time of Leave & License of the Property.
There should not be any misconception, that this Valuation Report is full-fledged, as prepared by Government Approved Valuer, for the purpose other than ‘Transfer Deal of Immovable Property’. This Valuation Report can be a Guideline Value (base-value report) of the full-fledged Valuation Report, as prepared by Government Approved Valuer by considering other factors and aspects, for other purposes such as Loan against Property, Collateral Security against Finance, Home-Loan, Mortgage, Lien, Auction, Attachment, Debt Recovery and/or Recovery of Statutory Dues etc.

2) The Portal hereby clarify to the User / Subscriber / Affiliated Member, that all database for this Module have been obtained from the reliable sources of concerned department of Governments, (with requested permission in special case) and maximum care has been taken while applying the formulas for various types of calculations, thereby to implement all concerned and applicable rules that are specifically defined by concerned competent authorities to ascertain the Valuation of Property and to calculate other Statutory Costs.

3) The Portal does not accept any liability towards monetary, financial and/or legal responsibility or accountability, of whatsoever in nature for any adverse consequences of loss or damage that may occur including but not limited to any User, Subscriber and/or Applicant, due to use this Utility or generated report through the Utility of module ‘Property Valuation - Built Property’, ‘Property Valuation - Land’, ‘Property Valuation - Re-Development’ etc.

4) The Portal hereby categorically and specifically clarify to the User and/or Applicant, that the Portal has applied all relevant Rules (Guidelines), Annual Schedule of Rates (ASR), latest notifications and circulars, as published by the Governing Authority and in case of any mistaken display, misinterpretation of Government rules, amendment, updatation of rules, recent notification / circular and consequential changes in applied calculation, formulas, working, the decision of Governing authority shall supersede, in comparison with the Valuation Report generated by the Portal.

5) All proper care are being taken by the Portal with regular updates, yet the Portal shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage that may occur to the Applicant, User, Subscriber and Affiliated Member, whosoever in nature, consequent to reference of the Valuation Report having any wrong data feeding, data corruption, error in calculation, wrong application of Rules and guidelines whatsoever in nature.

6) In the event of the user opting to subscribe for the services of Module/Utilities, the user has agreed and satisfied himself/herself with the functioning of the contents of the generated report and has no objection of whatsoever in nature to use the said utility in the restricted number/quantity of usage.

7) The Subscriber being ‘Affiliated Member’, hereby categorically agree and undertake that he/she will use the Utility of this Module for legitimate use and shall not allow any third party/person by sharing the user ID and password. It is hereby specifically agreed by the Subscriber that only the authorised user shall have the right to access this Module, preferably from one location and one IP address.

8) In case and event of a user ID of the Subscriber is being accessed from more than one location or IP address, it will be the responsibility and duty of the Subscriber to intimate the situation with proper justification of personalised usage of Utility/Module, otherwise such external usage shall be considered as unauthorised, malpractice and inconsistent by all means.

9) In the circumstances of such misuse of the Portal, it may be notified to the Subscriber to stop such misuse by declaring the Subscriber as ‘Defaulter’ and if such ‘Defaulter Subscriber’ continue such malpractice or inconsistent and inappropriate use of any Utility/Module of any such the Portal, the management of the Portal may take penal action of reducing the number of usage, restrict/terminate access to the Module by forfeiting the Subscription charges wholly or Partly and/or seek such additional compensation / reimbursement as per the nature and quantum of the misuse, as may be deemed to be fit and proper and the Portal.

10) Further, the Portal shall have the exclusive right to reduce / restrict / stop access to such defaulter Subscriber for all other Subscribed Module/s as well and the Subscriber do hereby categorically accept and agree not to object, oppose, protest or contest for any such penal action and/or shall not claim for any refund, compensation and/or reimbursements of whatsoever in nature.

11) The Subscriber do hereby agree and accept that he/she/they shall not share the User ID and/or password with any third party and if traced, found or caught by the Portal to follow any such unfair trade practice of service and/or unprofessional ethics with any third party, the penal action as prescribed in point/clause No. 7 and 8 shall be applicable and penal action may be initiated by the Portal.

12) The Subscriber hereby further agree that the Portal – RealtyPillar shall not be held responsible for any misuse of data by third person from office login ID of the Subscriber.

13) It is confirmed by the Portal that the Affiliated Members, are hereby authorised and permitted to extend the services of Utility of this particular Module, and/or any other Module, in legitimate manner, to any/or third party and/or their respective end client / customer / patron / user etc., being ‘applicant’ for use of such Utility, at reasonable charges, preferably at the rates recommended by the Portal.

14) All Subscribers being ‘Affiliated Member’ and service providers to any third party and/or including but not limited to their respective end client / customer / patron etc., do hereby agree and accept that their service charges shall be under the ambit of law and rules as prescribed by ‘Competition Commission of India’ or any such prevailing Law, Act or Rules etc., time-being applicable to the matter, thereby to follow policy of fair service practice and professional ethics.

15) The design, format and structure of the ‘Output Report’ for any type of ‘Property Valuation’, is Intellectual Property of the Portal-RealtyPillar, which has been copyrighted by the portal and any attempt to create, creation or applicability of same, by virtue of, including but not limited to, cloning, copying and/or duplicating etc., shall be treated as infringement and violation under Copyright Act, 2012 (WIPO) and under any/all other concerned Law, Act, Rule etc. alongwith all applicable rules and clauses as defined by the ‘Competition Commission of India’, and consequently legal action shall be initiated by the Portal against such person/business entity, of whatsoever in nature.

16) It is to be noted by all User that the Subscriber or Affiliated Members are the only authentic and authorised user of the Utilities of certain paid Modules and any third person use or share of the user ID and password of any Subscriber or Affiliated Member shall be treated as unauthorised access and services/access of that particular User/Subscriber/Affiliated Member shall be terminated / discontinued with immediate effect and all subscription charges shall be forfeited without entertaining any claim of refund/compensation.

17) The User’s registration as a member of the Portal or the use of any of the features and services of the Portal either as a registered member or as an unregistered visitor shall always constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions defined herein alongwith the Privacy Policy. These terms and conditions apply automatically to all existing Registered Users, Subscribers and Affiliated members and shall equally applied for any new Module, Services or Features introduced on the Portal.

a. The valuation report generated are for personal ready reference of the User, Subscriber, Affiliated Member and/or Applicant and as such, at present, it is not bounding to any competent governing authority neither it has got any legal stand in any court of laws.

b. Although utmost care has been exercised while developing the Utilities and Module of the Portal, yet the Portal-Realtypillar does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information and the Portal do hereby clarify, notify ‘loud and clear’ that the Portal shall, in no manner, whatsoever in nature, responsible, liable, accountable and/or answerable for any adverse consequence/s that may arise out of use of any of the Utilities and/or any content of the Modules of the Portal, especially any type of financial and/or monetary loss, damage, harm, mutilation etc., to whomsoever it may concern, viz. the User, to the Subscriber, to the Affiliated Member and/or to the Applicant being any third party of whatsoever class, category and/or nature.

c. Although all possible efforts, preventive precautions and proper care are being taken by the Portal to provide constant, flawless, safe, secured and accurate services to their esteemed Users / Subscriber / Affiliated Members etc., yet the Portal do hereby clarify, notify and declare, ‘loud and clear’ that in case of failure of any electronic instrument, gadget, peripheral and/or system etc., at the official set-up of the Portal, failure of internet connectivity, telecommunication services etc., failure of Server/s, failure of Software by any means including but not limited to hacking, virus and/or malware etc., whatsoever in nature, the Portal do not provide any assurance / warranty / guarantee etc., for proper working and functioning of the Portal, thereby to entertain any claim, of whatsoever in nature, to compensate and/or reimburse for any monetary loss / damage / subscription fees etc. to any User / Subscriber / Affiliated member / Advertisers etc.

d. We strictly advice all Users / Subscribers / Affiliated Member and especially the Applicant to use their own discretion and verify all content on their own before embarking on any actions. In case of any confusion, to seek the support from governing authority, is the most recommended suggestion by the Portal. All information, reports, document, reference, download and/or results obtained by any User/Subscriber/Affiliated Member/Applicant, through the content on our Portal should not be relied upon for personal, professional, legal, financial and/or any kind of decisions and Applicant should consult an appropriate professional for the same.

e. It is specifically agreed by ‘the Applicant’ herein, that ‘the Portal’ and/or ‘the Affiliated Member’ shall not be responsible, liable, accountable and/or answerable for any kind of statutory/legal action, loss, damage and/or harm of whatsoever in nature, due to use of any reports, agreements, documents and/or any content of the Portal-‘RealtyPillar’ or not responsible for any claim arising out of use of any information displayed on any Module of the Portal.

f. The Registered User of this Portal is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of ‘Affiliated Membership Account’ and password, and for restricting access to their respective computer/system, and such Registered User do hereby agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under such account or password. The Portal-RealtyPillar and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel subscription in their sole discretion.

g. The Portal make no representations about the suitability, reliability, genuineness, availability, timeliness and accuracy of the contents pertaining to the Portal for any purpose. All content on the Portal is provided on "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. The Portal hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to all contents displayed on the Portal.

h. Termination of Membership: The Portal-RealtyPillar reserves the right to terminate the ‘Affiliation Membership’, by forfeiting the Subscription Charges, suspend a profile, and/or disable all access as ‘User’, in respect of any member in breach of any of the terms. In no case will the claim for any compensation, reimbursement of Subscription fees be entertained.

18) The Portal may contain additional links to other web sites or web portals belonging to & operated by third parties (referred to as "linked sites"). The User agree and understand that, upon clicking on any link to visit a linked site, a frame or frames may be displayed with / without “realtypillar logo”, promotional materials, advertisements, sponsors logos etc. Further, the User also agree, understand & approve that the Portal has these linked sites, anywhere on this Portal are additional features to benefit the User, if applicable.

19) The User hereby understand, agree & specifically acknowledge that the Portal shall not be responsible for unauthorized access to, misuse, misinterpretations or alterations of your transmissions or content including any kind of material, data, images, photos, text, personal information sent or received or not sent or received, or any transactions entered into through the Portal.

20) All third party logos, taglines, images and contents that are displayed on the Portal are properties of respective owners and the Portal do not claim ownership of the same

21) All third party logos, taglines, images and contents are displayed without intention to seek / gain any benefit or advantage through its display. Any person / commercial entity having objection for display of such logo, taglines, images and/or contents on our Portal, it should immediately be notified objection to the Portal-RealtyPillar for rectification / correction.

22) The User hereby understand, agree & specifically acknowledge that the Portal is not responsible or liable for any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct of any other third party, individual, company or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights and further the Portal shall not be responsible for any content sent using and/or included in the Portal by any other third party.

23) The User of Utility further agree that he/she is registered and authorised user and is not prohibited from using any Utility or any of the content on the Portal to send commercial emails, mass marketing emails, obscene messages, unlawful actions, copying & using commercially. The permission to use, view, access, surf realtypillar site does not in any whatsoever grant you a license under any copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right in the content, products, services, processes, technologies mentioned on the site. All such rights are retained by Realty Pillar Pvt. Ltd.

24) Further, this module of the Portal is designed & developed in accordance with the rules and rates as set-out by the Department of Registration & Stamps, Govt. of Maharashtra. The contents of this module of Portal are for information purposes only, enabling the user to have a quick and an easy access to information and do not have any legal sanctity. Besides every effort has been taken by the Portal to provide accurate and updated information, it is likely that the some details may have changed prior to their updatation in the Portal. Therefore, the Portal do not assume any legal liability on the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the contents provided in this module of Portal.

25) The quick access links might have been provided on this Portal to other external sites in some web pages / documents. The Portal do not take responsibility for the authenticity and/or accuracy of the contents in those sites. The hyperlinks access to external sites do not constitute an endorsement of information, products or services offered by these sites. Despite best efforts by the Portal, it does not guarantee that the contents and documents on this Portal are free from infection by computer viruses etc.

26) The Portal always welcome the suggestions and recommendations to improve its services and contents, and further request that error (if any) may kindly be brought to our notice by mailing on contact@realtypillar.com.

27) It has been communicated to the user by the Portal, that in the time of annual updatation of ASR, as published on the official website of Government, the functioning / working of this module may be not in use or deactivated for few days, for which no claim / blame shall be entertained by the Portal from any User, Subscriber, Affiliated Member and/or Applicant and the Portal is not bound for any type of refund, compensation, reimbursement or monetary claim whatsoever in nature from anybody, whosoever it may be.

28) All dispute and litigations regarding to the ASR Valuation, if any, shall be valid in Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Terms and conditions for use of all Modules of “Pro-Util” (Promoters Utilities)

All applicable terms and conditions as mentioned for Property Valuation-Built Property apply to this particular Utility Module as well.

1) Module - RERA Registration

2) Module - Automated RERA Compliance (ARC)

3) Module - RERA Compatible Documentation (RCD)

4) Module - Project Management Reports (PMR)

The Portal hereby request to the User to get approval of the contents of all utilities a as per policy of the organisation and as per approval by the management.

It has been conveyed by the Portal to the User that all above referred modules of Pro-Util have been developed with the intension and purpose to be used by the Builders / Promoters, especially whose project has been registered with competent authority of Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA). It has been clarified further by the Portal to the User that all contents, calculations, working and/or drafting have been prepared by the Portal by process of conceptualising, researching, studying the relevant laws / rules / regulations / circulars / notification etc., and have been developed carefully to avoid any mistake, error and/or fault.

The disclaimer has been recorded here to notify to the User that the Portal shall not be responsible, liable, accountable and/or blameable for any kind of harm, loss, damage and/or dearth, whatsoever in nature, to any of the User upon using and applying any of the Utilities / Module and/or any content of the Portal and the User shall not be entitled to claim any compensation, indemnification, reimbursement and/or demurrage of whatsoever in nature from the Portal.

Further the Portal reserves the right to add, delete, amend, change, edit and/or rectify any of contents, working, calculation, rates, style, title, heading and/or design, User Interface -UI etc., as per User Experience – UX, at the instruction / order of any competent authority and/or at sole discretion of Management of the Portal.

Portal shall not be responsible for any misinterpretation of clause, spelling error, grammatical error, calculation error in any of the above said Utilities, although Portal has taken care about terms & Conditions of agreements, which is to be prepare as per relevant and applicable Law, Act and Rules alongwith all-important clauses, which have been drafted by the Portal.

The user is advised to check the contents of all Utilities and whole document, whatsoever in nature, before its executing (signing) and issuing to any third party and all ‘Affiliated Members’ are recommended to read, understand and interpret the core content of all documents and make understand to all concerned parties.

The Portal further specifically clarify to the User that since the usage of the Portal and its contents, utilities and functions etc., shall be totally depend on electricity, digital technology, internet, computer / its peripherals, software data / coding and server / cloud server etc., and therefore since many factors happens to be affecting the proper working and functioning of the Portal, it has been specifically clarified by the Portal to the User that in case of failure of any of such technical factors affecting operation and/or functioning of the Portal, whatsoever it may in nature, the Portal does not accept any responsibility, liability and/or accountability for any kind of loss occurred to the User, whatsoever in nature.

Being an ‘Affiliate Member’, if you enter into an annual subscription package / plan, you will be charged the relevant full annual fee in advance and to continue the use of subscribed package / plan, you will have to subscribed for next year’s annual fees / charges in advance (i.e. if you have subscribed on the 1st of May 2019, then the validity of your subscription shall be till 30th of April, 2020 only).

Being a subscriber, you acknowledge and agree that if we are unable to realise the payment, we will cease to provide Services to you and you will not be able to use the Utilities of our Portal until payment has been realised fully.

All prices displayed on www.realtypillar.com shall be in Indian Rupees, unless and otherwise specified in other currencies and subject to condition of applicable taxes. We reserve the right that our prices and payment methods may be amended from time to time at our sole discretions.

Further, the Portal has been taking utmost care for security of all data and details, yet the possibilities of cyber-attack, data-breach and un-ethical hacking cannot be denied, for which the Portal shall not be responsible, liable and accountable for loss of any data and/or details of any User / ‘Affiliated Member’, whatsoever in nature.

Refund Policy

In case if any utility not functioning in order on the Portal, the User should notify us by sending an email to contact@realtypillar.com. The Portal shall arrange to resolve the issue at its end as early as possible. If the issue remains unresolved till 30 days of notified by the User to the Portal, the User shall be entitled to refund on pro-rata basis for balance usages. The partial refund policy shall be applicable only in the case of non or ill operations of any Utility / application of the Portal and further in case of everything found working and functioning on the Portal, it is hereby specifically informed to the User / Subscriber that there are no provision for refund of the subscription in any circumstances / reason / excuse, whatsoever in nature, forwarded by the User.

Pricing Policy

The Subscription once paid for Annual Usage shall remain intact without change throughout the entire subscribed period and in case of subscription for more than one Year, we reserve the right of periodical change for Subscription plan/package and usage price, which are not pre-subscribed by the User, offered by the Portal and all latest updated prices / rates shall be applicable for next / subsequent subscription. Even if the Portal reduces the prices, the Subscriber shall be entitled for refund at pro-rata basis, which shall be at the sole discretion of the Portal.

Cancellation by Us

In the event and circumstances of the User acting contrary to the spirit of the Portal, potentially using our Services for commercial gain without subscribing for the particular Utility Module, or in a manner, which could damage our business and repute, we reserve the right to exclude you from the Portal and/or cancel your subscription, and we are under no obligation to make any refund to you.

Feedback and Dispute Resolution

Any feedback from the User being Registered Member or Subscriber, is important to the Portal. The Portal shall try to resolve the concerns/issues in the earliest possible time and effectively. In case if you have any feedback or query about our Services, please contact us at our official email on contact@realtypillar.com

If there is a dispute between the Parties in relation to these Terms and Conditions, the Parties agree to the following dispute resolution procedure:

(a) The complainant must tell the respondent in writing, the nature of the dispute, what outcome the complainant wants and what action the complainant thinks will settle the dispute. The Parties agree to meet (initial meeting) in good faith to seek to resolve the dispute by amicably agreeing between them.

(b) In case if the Parties do not agree how to resolve the dispute at the initial meeting, any Party may refer the matter to an arbitrator. If the parties cannot agree on who the arbitrator should be, the complainant will ask the Bar council of Court of Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban District only. The arbitrator will decide the time and place for arbitration/mediation. The Parties must attend the mediation in good faith, to seek to resolve the dispute in fair and rational manner.

Any attempts made by the Parties to resolve a dispute pursuant to this clause shall be without prejudice to other rights or entitlements of the Parties under these Terms and Conditions, by law or in equity.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

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Reports and Documents:

You acknowledge that the contents, Information, reports and Documents etc. in form of any utilities, may contain some mistakes, inaccuracies and/or errors. The Portal-RealtyPillar expressly excludes any liability for such mistakes, inaccuracies and errors to the fullest extent permissible by law. You should carefully review any content, information, report, document accessed or created through the Portal to ensure that it does not contain any mistakes, inaccuracies or errors and is appropriate to your circumstances. We recommend that you obtain legal advice from a competent authority or qualified and practicing professional.


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Terms and conditions to display Advertisement on the Portal:

The Portal do not offer any warranty, guarantee and/or surety about the display of your advertisement on the Portal, in the circumstances beyond control of the Portal. The chances of arising such uncontrollable circumstances and/or event may be due to following:

1. Your payment is outstanding,

2. Confirmation of credit of your payment, in our account, is pending,

3. You have not provided the required details, contents, images etc. to display your advertisement,

4. You have not approved the banner / design for display,

5. Confirmation of slots, to display of your advertisement is pending from your end,

6. The desired slot for advertisement display are, time being, pre-occupied,

7. Misunderstanding/miscommunication with/within the team, employer, management, whosoever is working and related with the ‘Advertisement Department’ of the Portal.

Intellectual Property of the Advertisers and Moral Rights

You agree to provide information including Intellectual Property to us to enable us to provide the Services to you and simultaneously, while placing the order for Advertisement on the Portal, you,

(a) warrant that you have all necessary rights to provide the Intellectual Property rights to us;

(b) grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide and transferable right and licence to use the Intellectual Property in any way we require to provide the Services to you; and

(c) consent to any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an infringement of your Moral Rights.

If you (or any employee or agent) have Moral Rights in any Intellectual Property that you provide to us, you:

(a) irrevocably consent to any amendment of the Intellectual Property in any manner by us for the purposes of providing Services to you;

(b) irrevocably consent to us using or applying the Intellectual Property for the purposes of providing Services to you without any attribution of authorship;

(c) agree that your consent extends to acts and omissions of any of our licensees and successors in title; and

(d) agree that your consent is a genuine consent under the Copyright Act and has not been induced by duress or any false or misleading statement.

Personal and Confidential Information

At the time of placing the order for the advertisement on the Portal, you consent to us by providing information, statutory information of the advertiser, including personal information of concerned Proprietor, Partner, Director, Trustee, and all authorised person, Confidential Information, to (i) our related bodies corporate including M/s. Realty Pillar Pvt. Ltd., our incorporated consultancy services related to person / company, to provide services to you, and to (ii) any relevant third parties, its network, agents whoever is favouring us and who assist us in providing services to you.

In case of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction shall always be within judicial courts of Mumbai District only.