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Property Valuation – Built Property (Single Unit)

Estimating the absolute and precise value of any property, in any of the defined categories, whether Open Land, Residential, Office, Shop or Industrial is absolutely pressing, especially at a stage where the price of real estate keeps fluctuating and statutory obligations are increasing. Constant economic changes in the market have a tremendous effect on the property value, at any given location and the linked financial risks as well. Failing to evaluate this rise and fall in value can cause both the dealer parties; say Buyer and Seller, a considerable financial loss.

Ascertaining property ready reckoner value tends to be a comprehensive process involving several critical procedures defining the accurate property value as per Government’s Annual Statement of Rates (ASR), it may be little complicated for an individual. Further, knowledge and experience in the Real Estate / Property dealing plays a vital role for the task. Moreover, till the date, there are no any software to evaluate the property price offline or online.

Pioneering the concept of ONLINE PROPERTY VALUATION, we have brainstormed for years and applied our years’ old pragmatic experience, to make the dreamlike project, come true and make live.

Considering the error-free "Market Valuation" of property, we have preferred to provide these services through professional services providers in the Real Estate Market. As a “Certified Property Valuation Service Provider” of “www.realtypillar.com”, Realty Pillar can be very helpful to any such professional, to ascertain the comparable worth of immovable tangible assets of any given category. We offer services for evaluating immovable property, online, for all type of properties including non-specified categories and Redevelopment projects.

What we offer?

Online Valuation of Property, as per ASR, is needed for various purposes as listed below:

  • It provides ongoing value of the property as per Government’s norms.
  • While dealing for any immovable property, to determine applicability of statutory property cost obligations viz. Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Service Tax, VAT and TDS ,Goods and Service Tax(GST) etc. (GST shall be incorporated after its applicability)
  • To determine Capital Gain Tax (U/s. 50C of Income Tax Act, 1960) for deal of any type of immovable property.
  • To determine “Guideline Value” in the ‘Valuation Report’ prepared by Government Approved Valuers for loan, advances, finance purpose.
  • To determine the Value of Property for Auction Sale.
  • To determine property agreement value for Tax recovery.
  • For arbitration and legal support in the matter of Partition or family dispute.
  • While dealing of merger, acquisition or takeover of company,
  • To take and/or settle the insurance claim and more.
  • Under the recently applied Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016(RERA), the “ASR Value” based figures are required while registering and reporting to the authority.

The report of online valuation of property will help individuals make informed to take decisions when buying and selling assets, defining value for loans and insurance and for precise financial reporting. Our online valuation process help expedite the issues such as value enhancement, risk minimization and more.

Our aim is ensure that while dealing for any real estate property, one must have a reliable and accurate report of value of the property, assisting with making the best deal and minimizing risk associated.

We have covered all rules as per guidelines provided by the competent authority and applied all aspects concerned to ‘Premium Factors’ and ‘Rebate Factors’ affecting such valuation. Team RealtyPillar is working on ‘Valuation of Land’ and ‘Redevelopment Project’.